Stuff for Summer

This is a great opportunity to pack in some special activities for your family that do not cost a fortune

  • :Pick a time when the entire family can visit the library. Just wander through the stacks looking at books and selecting some to take home. Be sure to sign your children up for every event that libraries offer during the summer, regardless of age.
  • Don’t forget to check with your city and or county recreation department. Many free and inexpensive activities are available for children by themselves as well as families together.
  • Watch your local media (newspapers, radio, and TV) for announcements regarding free concerts (when appropriate!), free fireworks, free movies, free trips to the zoo or museums.
  • Walk the neighborhood in the early evenings
  • Swim
  • Go to a park for a picnic and games
  • Make soap bubbles – big kids can make them and little kids can blow them
  • Play hop scotch, jump rope, hoola hoops, jump the broom
  • Make up stories and share them
  • Watch the stars and night. Check out an astronomy book at the library and learn the constellations.
  • Teach your kids to sew, or weave, or knit, or string beads, or paint or play cards or cook.
  • Plant a garden and give kids responsibility for helping with it.

The list goes on…… The point is to try a variety of activities TOGETHER as a family. The important thing is spending the time with kids. It’s waaaay more important than money. Time and imagination are worth their weight in gold.


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